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1.60ctw Matched Pair,  Fancy Vivid Yellow Takara Cultured Diamonds 

A matched pair of stunning, lemon yellow fancy vivid Takaras, weighing 1.60ctw (.79ct and .81ct).   

Their beauty is further complemented by their incredible clarity - one is internally flawless, the other VVS1.  We don't vary the price based on clarity, but we will note that its very rare we get clarities like this. 

This is definitely a matched pair that will make a knockout pair of earrings - both stones are full of life and sparkle, and their smooth yellow coloration will generate a lot of attention!

Please note that this Takara matched pair will be shipped insured and with signature required.  

Carat Weight: 1.60 ctw (.81ct and .79ct)
Clarity: VVS1 & Internally Flawless

Color: Fancy Vivid Yellow

Price: $6192

Thanks for your interest, this pair was split and used as centers for two different rings and is thus no longer available.

Rings and mountings for this pair are available at our parent site.


We had both Takara's individually appraised, and this pair will ship with both grading reports.  As always, the photos on the card do not do them justice, at all.

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