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5 Photo in a light studio of this stunning yellow Takara.

1.10 ct  Fancy Vivid Yellow Round Takara cultured Diamond

This is an absolutely stunning yellow Takara.  It is both our largest round we've ever offered to date, as well as the first and only to grade Fancy VIVID yellow (pure, rich saturated yellow).  

It is rare that we can cut a round to a finished weight of over 1.00ct - and even rarer to come in with such high clarity and stunning vivid yellow.  This diamond has drawn gasps from every person who has seen it.

Carat Weight: 1.10 ct
Clarity: VS1

Color: Fancy VIVID Yellow

Price: $4392.00

Thanks for your interest, this Takara has been Sold.

Rings and mounting for this diamond are available at our parent site.

Ships with independent grading report, shown below (note, the photo below is a poor representation of how the diamond shows!)

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